Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a great refreshing summer punch

Mix in a blender a couple of small navel oranges (peeled and remove any orange strings), an apple (peeled and sliced), a cup of vernors and sprinkle of lemon juice (approx. a tablespoon)according to taste preference., a few good shakes of cinnamon sugar mixed. Add a scoop of vanial Ice cream, mix a few seconds in blender, pour into a tall cool soda glass, place a wedge of lime or lemon on side top of glass, decorate lightly with lemon and orange peel and a stick of cinnamon for garnish. Drink until all gone.

a great lite lunch

Today, I had freah cuccumbers sliced, with a few tomatoe slices and hard boiled eggs. I had some apple sauce and cottage cheese and peaches.Yumm.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall is Here!!

Alright!! Fall is finally here! All the trees have changed to their new brilliant colors of gold and red, the pumpkins and squash are grown, and I am ready to start baking and decorating!
Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I love Novemeber too. Going to the cider mills and having bon fires are great! Thanksgiving dinner is planned out long before November gets here in my family. Everyone trys to come up with a new recipe and some of the grand children want to make their first great dish!
Halloween is that special time of year we call Indian summer (Autum). Still warm enough to be outdoors with crisp fresh air. I think I still love crunching leaves as I walk just to feel like a kid. Raking up big pills of leaves to let the little ones and some of the bigger kids jump in and oh ya the smell of burning leaves !
If you would like to exchange recipies and decorating ideas please feel free to post here!!
Happy October to everyone!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day is May 11!!!

Mother's Day is this Sunday May 11!
Besides some of the more traditional gifts such as candy, flowers and always a nice card! Try some personal touches from you.

Start her day with a great homemade breakfast, or breakfast at her favorite restaurant.
Some great gifts for mom would be a maid service for the day or even once a week for the month of May so you can spend more time together.(make sure she could handle it first, some Mom's don't like strangers in their house!) Or better yet do the cleaning yourself:)
Offer to clean out her garage or attic and possibly find hidden treasures.
Mother's Day is the day to put issues and other things aside and make special time for Mom. If your Mother is no longer here remember her in your own spsecial way, and if you and Mom are not on the best of terms..,you may know someone who is!special to you. Somethings can be such a misunderstanding that the issue has blocked the way. Either way be good to Mom and yourself Plan ahead and make it good!
Here's wishing every Mom a great thought and a great Day!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Technorati Profile

I'll be there..Blogging

Well it has been almost two weeks since I have started this blog as well as a couple others. I am doing more research and re-research than I ever thought I would do. But I am so drawn to it and so involved. I love it! I am wondering why I didn't know about this before!Learning about adsence and others is still a great task. Because I don't really have computer lingo savvy. I am sorta hit and miss. Some of the things I add including this blog, go through but I have no Idea where they go or if they are going anywhere. All the tutorials I have read thus far make it sound so easy! I already have a collection of web addresses and websites to refer to. And yes they are very helpful until I get to my own page.., sometimes. I know it is very early after all, I'd never even heard of Blogging before a month or so ago so in that statement alone I think I have done very well! So I will keep reading , searching, testing and of course blogging! I feel I found a niche for myself. My Blog doesn't have technical stuff in it because I don't really know any. And I have noticed most of the blogs I have read are talking about great subjects until they say just blah blah blah,..blah blah..blah. Well that's how it reads for me right now. But I will catch up and I will be right there along side of some of you..blogging away..

Friday, May 2, 2008

Susan's Kitchen

I am Susan.
Welcome to my new blog. Cooking, baking, and kitchen gadgets are a few of my favorite hobbies. I am a professional home baker and cook and hope to give and gain new and old recipies. Any idea's for kitchen shopping and gadgets always catch my eye. I watch the cooking channel also. I find it is easy for me to teach people new to cooking and love doing so. One of my granddaughter's is a pastry chef. We all enjoy cooking in my family... So lets get cookin!

Home made fav's

Home made fav's
what's in the oven!

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